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27th-Aug-2010 04:40 pm - look of the day?
So, would anyone care for a 'look of the day' type thing on here, with mini-tutorials? Pictures of my make-up for the day, product listings, and how-to's?

For instance, today's would go something like this (but with pictures):


Soft brown, neutral eye with a slight pop of deep purple winged-out eyeliner. Shimmer gloss over nude lipstick. Appropriate for less strict work offices and school. Beginner level make-up.

[more pictures]

[tutorial on winged liner here]

Anyone interested?
20th-Aug-2010 06:58 pm - life.
little lady
So... what's up, doc? Been a while, yeah? I've been really busy, and so LJ just got a bit neglected. Well, more than a *bit* I guess.

Since my last actual update quite a bit has happened. My mom died, I remodeled my room, got a new job that I love even more, got another job, lost my internship, and I think that's every thing that's important. Maybe? I dunno. Oh, my friends moved to California, while I'm stuck in Nashville for another year. That's important!

I absolutely adore my new jobs. I now work at a nursery part time, taking care of babies, and then I work at Starbucks part time. Perfect! They both pay well enough, and I make good tips (especially during rushes). Best part is that when I move to Cali, I can get transferred instead of looking for a new job.

My room is now a really pretty sea-green-blue color that's perfect. I've got white furniture with purple accents, and all my hanging-up photos are framed in black. Also, I totally splurged and got a really wonderful down comforter, down pillows, and matching purple pin-tucked duvet set from West Elm. Well worth the $400 I splurged.

I ended/was fired from my internship a couple of months after my mom died. It just wasn't working. As much as I love working with kids, the good Lord did *not* gift me with the grace or patience of a teacher. At least not for hyperactive jr. high kids. I work much better in the nursery, with the toddlers.

I've decided to move to Redding, CA next August to go to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I'm so excited! Some of my good friends left last week to go, and I really miss them!

This is long enough, but yeah, that's about it. Oh, wait, has anyone seen Primeval? It's this AMAZING British TV show. It's kind of confusing to explain, but it's wonderful. The actors are especially gorgeous, too. James Murray and Ben Mansfield? More please! Also, it has *dinosaurs*! In the modern time! Now, you all know I have a major thing for dinosaurs, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm hooked. And oooh, the English accents are wonderful.

I shall leave you with pictures of James Murray as Stephen Hart, and Ben Mansfield as Captain Becker. You can thank me later! (@elfishscallywag I know you'll appreciate these, love!)

6th-May-2010 01:23 am - Nashville
little lady
I have never been more proud to live in Nashville.

This video made me bawl my eyes out. I know the national news isn't giving much coverage on the floods at all, which is a real shame because my city needs major help. The pictures in the video, I can name every single place where they were taken. West End Ave is only one street away from me. It's how I get to work. It's just heartbreaking. And yet so many people that I know of from out of state (my godparents didn't even know, and they're pretty close - in Chicago) have no idea the amount of destruction.

If you guys can, pass this video along. If you go to the Red Cross website, there are links on how to help, whether by donations (food, bottled water, or money) or volunteering if you're close enough.

Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFjaQoOdJvI&feature=player_embedded

We are Nashville.
little lady
A lot of my journal is me complaining and moping. But honestly, in real life I am probably the most annoyingly cheerful person you will ever meet! Sure, bad stuff happens to me (as witnessed here), but I love focusing on the good, and just living the wonderful life I've been given.

I mean, seriously - how depressed could someone be if they adore babies (I'm a nanny and I work at my church's nursery), watch Disney movies almost non-stop, have wonderful friends and family, and has the freedom and luxery to be able to drive a new car?

I am very blessed, and very thankful for me life. And seriously, if any of you knew me in real life, you would be surprised. I smile everywhere, and I try my darnest to be nice to everyone I meet, because you never know where you can find a friend.

Anyway, I was just reading through past entries and was kind of shocked at how unlike me they are. I really am annoyingly happy, and I enjoy being that way! :)
26th-Nov-2009 01:49 am(no subject)
I've been very lonely this past week. I feel like my heart is slowly breaking, but every piece that shatters is something that's also being healed. All I've wanted this past week, laying in bed and not being able to even roll over without crying in pain, is for just one person to call, or text, or even, hell, come over and visit for a while. and each day when I wake up hopeful, a little piece of me gets broken when nothing happens.

but you know what, through all of that I'm still happy. Because I have Jesus, and He's healing me even as I'm crumbling and think that I can't bear another minute of the pain, of the heartache.

I've spent a lot of time this week crying and being comforted by Papa God. being forced into a position of true vulnerability has been the best thing for me, I think. I've had to let go of my "Supergirl act" - taking every single little thing upon myself, doing everything for everyone to the point of exhaustion. With no car, no money, and a body that won't allow me to move without crying, I've had to depend on other people. I can't do the dishes without getting dizzy, I can't cook without almost blacking out, I avoid showers for the first time in my life, I can't even move out of bed without screaming and getting help.

and through it all, I keep praying, "God, please give me strength, I can't handle this, please give me someone, please stop letting me be lonely, please let me sleep, please God, please..." Everytime I do, I feel His prescense like a big, warm hug, helping me through the hard and giving me someone to lean on and talk to and take the pain and loneliness in my heart away.

and I've realized, that if I had to give up everything - my friends, my family, my entire world, everything I hold dear - to be with God, there's no sacrifice at all. I would gladly go through this entire experience again to achieve what I've now learnt. that with love, with passion, there is nothing I wouldn't pay, because there is no choice, no sacrifice.

It's the gift of life.
21st-Jun-2009 12:02 am - Mexico!!!
special moments
Oh my gosh, so much happened!!!

Umm I promised myself that I would write in my journal each night, but, um, that didn't really happen. So everything's all jumbled. Anyone want the highlights?
  • I got stuck in quicksand. Yep, that stuff actually exists. It doesn't really suck you in though, as much as like gets you really, really stuck. Deeply. My jeans had to be washed 3 times to get the sand/mud off of them, and I had to throw away my shoes after that.
  • I had a cow-face taco. Yes, from a cow's head. No, I'm not joshing you. It was really good!
  • If I ever see another refried bean, grain of rice, taco, or corn tortilla again I will burst into tears.
  • Martin was able to hold a humming bird, which was AMAZING. He had gotten into a fight with another hummingbird and was so tired that Martin was able to just pick him up. It was seriously amazing.
  • I got really, really sick. But I was able to keep working through it, and I'm really proud of myself for that!
  • The Triqui people are amazing. I don't really know what else to say, but wow. I'm stunned.
  • I painted scriptures on the wall, which was a lot harder than it sounds! But the end was so beautiful that it was worth it!
  • All of the girls roomed together for one night, and we all had a ton of fun watching the Cheetah Girls in Spanish. Well, Jenny was pulling a Major Bitch Moment and was all "Turn it off, I need to work on my devotions! I'm tired, I want to sleep! Don't go to the bathroom the light shines right on me!" Yeah, we had a few problems.
  • Pesos are amazing. I love it when stuff is cheap.
Umm, that's all I can hold on to right now, but more will be coming. I'm just exhausted right now. But the pictures are almost done uploading, and then I'll spam everyone!

2nd-Jun-2009 11:05 pm - I DID IT I DID IT!
little lady
Seriously, who knew graduation would end up making me rich?! I've gotten like $250! So freaking awesome. I now have enough money for Mexico plus some! Maybe I can buy my own zoo membership and convince my mom to buy me that iPod for my birthday? (in case you're wondering, I really, really want an orange iPod nano with 8GB. My 1GB silver nano is just not cutting it - I had to cut out Bon Jovi from my music! SO sad!)

Ooh, I'm so exicted! Less than a week until I leave the country! I'm going to journal every night, and when I get home I'll type up my entries and post them here.

Dude, I freaking GRADUATED last night! It was SO awesome! Even though I was like sick all day and had a fever over 102 and ended up having a minor klutz moment (can you blame me? I was on the verge of passing out) and we couldn't find it at all even though I KNEW where it was (the Grand Ole Opry house) but we finally got there and OH MY GOD IT'S OFFICIAL!
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